Child Tracking

Using our powerful algorithm, we can tell you when a Child is on or off the Bus. If a Child decides to leave the Bus other than their designated Stop you will be sent an alert.

Flexible payment plans

You can use the Locate My Bus service as a stop gap or for daily use, our affordable plans mean you only pay for the days you need to use the service.

Multiple Children & Multiple Schools

If you have more than one Child going to different schools, you can manage everyone using the Manage Children in the Parent app

Manual Boarding Backup

Manual boarding using QR codes, if your child forgets his/her phone at home or the battery dies on or on the way back from school (Note: we can’t offer real time tracking if your Child doesn’t have a smart phone or the battery dies).

Alerts & Notification

Know when your child gets off the Bus unexpectedly. Live updates for when a service has to change suddenly due to unexpected circumstances. Using feedback from Parents we are constantly adding more alerts all the time.

Non Attendance Alert

Using the Parent App you can notify your Child’s school beforehand if your child is Ill or has an appointment and you will be bringing them into school. (School Subscription required)

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