Dedicated Customer Support

Call our dedicated support team between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Email customer support on or use the in App ‘help’ button to send us feedback.

Predictive Stop Arrival Times

Analysing route and real-time GPS data, we determine an estimated time of arrival to your stop provided on the Locate My Bus map.

Safety & Security

Know when your child has got on/off the bus. Your Child can send an SOS to you or the School if they feel unsafe at any time.

School/Council Portal

All Buses can be tracked with Locate My Bus Council/School portal. Every route and stop appears on the map, simultaneously. A list of delayed buses appears below – so School’s and Council’s are aware in real time of any issues. Nonattendance can be tracked by Route or School.

Secure and Easy Access

Password-protected account along with your Child’s ID for app set-up. This way, only you can view your student’s stop. Register and log-in from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Schedule Adherence

Instantly see whether the bus is running behind schedule allowing you to plan a better journey.

Services Updates

Live updates for when a service has to change suddenly due to unexpected circumstances.


Formatted, simplified timetables designed to fit on mobile devices and tablets.

Route Maps

A clean, road mapped route showing where the bus is scheduled to travel.

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